Brian Goh


Brian brings an extensive 20 years of experience in the finance industry, where he has held notable positions at renowned institutions such as Citibank, Standard Chartered Bank, and ABN Amro. Throughout his career, Brian has built an impressive track record and demonstrated his expertise in various senior roles.

One of Brian’s key strengths lies in seeking strategic investments from a wide range of entities, including ultra-high net-worth individuals, funds, family offices, and brokers. His ability to identify and capitalize on investment opportunities has been instrumental in his success.

Before joining Acore, Brian served as the Director of Private Banking at Credit Agricole Suisse and ABN Amro Private Bank. During his tenure, he actively participated in and successfully completed various financial transactions, including IPOs, rights offers, delisting offers, and private placements in Singapore, Australia, and Hong Kong.

Following his tenure at the private banks, Brian took on the role of Chief Investment Officer at CoAssets, where he also sat on the investment and risk committee of the holding company. During his time there, he launched and managed a private debt fund for a period of three years. Notably, under his leadership, the fund achieved zero default cases and maintained a year-on-year return of 10% for investors.
Currently, Brian holds the position of head of the Acore Legacy Debt Fund, where he is able to leverage his strengths and expertise to the fullest. In this role, he oversees the fund’s operations and serves on the investment, risk, and compliance committees, ensuring the fund’s success and adherence to regulatory requirements.