Toh Yen Leng


Chief Operations Officer
Executive Director

Toh Yen Leng


Yen Leng, an accomplished banker and service manager, had established a strong and enduring working relationship with the CEO. Her exceptional track record since 2004 at Standard Chartered and Deutsche Bank earned her high praise for her exemplary work. Throughout her banking career, Yen Leng assumed various roles in relationship management within wealth management and SME banking. She also demonstrated her leadership skills through team management and excelled in customer service roles. These diverse experiences contributed significantly to her well-rounded expertise in the banking industry.

After more than a decade of collaborating closely with Asther, Yen Leng joined forces to co-found Acore Capital Investments, becoming an invaluable pillar of ACI.

Yen Leng firmly believes that in revenue-driven environments, ethical considerations are often compromised. Despite the uncertainties that come with starting a new venture, she fearlessly embraced the opportunity and has never looked back.
As a perfectionist with a keen eye for detail, Yen Leng was a natural choice for the position of Chief Operating Officer (COO) at ACI. In her role, she assumes overall responsibility for operations, compliance, and onboarding, leveraging her expertise to ensure smooth and efficient functioning in these areas.